Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Outfit”

For me, Mark Rylance is one of those actors that always gives an outstanding performance.  Just like Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep.  Regardless of the role you know you’re gonna get something great.   And that’s exactly the case, once again, for his new movie The Outfit.  Talk about being perfectly cast for a role.  This is it.

Like Rylance himself, The Outfit comes off as a soft and very gentle film, filled with some very elegant moments.  Who thought watching someone iron fabric or fold a handkerchief could be so entertaining?  I know I didn’t.  But props to the director, Gramham Moore, for capturing such moments that somehow keep you mesmerized.  It’s more impressive because it’s such a slow-paced film that builds slowly and then you get a big twist of a finish.

The one thing I wish there was just a bit more of, would be the interaction between Rylance and costar, Zoey Deutch.  The quick-witted dialog between them, early in the film, was fun.  Almost Father/Daughter type of dialog, but they’re not.  Seeing just a bit more of that would have been great

All in all, The Outfit, is an outstanding movie that I wish would have come out a little later in the year.  Just because, Rylance is so good, his performance could be forgotten around awards time.  That would be no bueno if that happened.