Your Quick & Simple Review: “X”

It’s not often I get to scream and shout with joy about a really good horror movie.  Let’s face it, most of them aren’t very good at all.  But when my favorite movie studio, A24, puts one out I tend to let my hopes rise a bit more than usual.  And as I watched the trailer for the new movie X, I crossed my fingers and was like… please, Please, PLEASE let this one be good…. And it was!!!

Led by Mia Goth, X is such a simple film.  I think director Ti West did an outstanding job of making it scary & creepy without trying to do too much.  I would say it was better than any B-Movie horror flick but also not your typical slasher film either.  It was a nice mix of both.  And more than once, I squinted my eyes from the wonderful grossness I was watching.

If there was one thing I would have wanted more from, it would be our two ranch hosts, Howard & Pearl.  I think there’s an interesting backstory to them that we could know about.

This is gonna a be a film, I think, a lot of fans will be extremely pleased with.  So much so, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back for a second viewing.