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Your Quick & Simple Review: “The 355”

With December now done and gone, we say goodbye to all the award contender movies and say hello to the January throwaways.  Granted, there’s always one nice surprise every year, and when I saw The 355 trailer, I was hopeful this was gonna be it.  After all, how can a film with such great performers like Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o & Penelope Cruz be bad?   Let me tell you.

Right from the get-go, things seemed to be off, as scene after scene led to one predictable moment after another.  Just when there was a little bit of hope for something good with an action sequence, that was edited well to make it look good, then the next one ended up being very slow and you could almost tell no one was actually getting hit/punched.

What made it harder to watch was seeing these top-tier actresses not coming off as believable in their roles.  I think it mostly came from them looking like they were trying too hard to sell the story.  I don’t wanna say overacted, but it was pretty close.  And for that, I’ll point the finger at the director, Simon Kinberg.

I feel pretty bad not being able to like this movie.  Almost always, any movie that has Jessica Chastain in it, works for me.  Just not The 355.