Your Quick & Simple Review: “Moonfall”

I was really looking forward to watching Moonfall.  After all, it has a kick-ass cast led by Halle Berry & Patrick Wilson.  From the look of the trailer, I was thinking there was gonna be some serious destruction and amazing special effects, topped with spectacular performances… That wasn’t the case.

Like a lot of other “End Of The World” movies, they wasted no time gettin to the gettin but the bad part of what we got was that it looked like they took elements of other movies to make this one.  I was thinking this is the origin story of the Fantastic Four.  Then saw this creature coming at them in space and thought, that’s from Man Of Steel.  As the movie went, I noticed similarities to other movies like… Star Trek, The Motion Picture… Armageddon… Gravity… The Martian and a couple more.  But those movies were actually good.

The dialogue wasn’t great either.  Most of the time I never felt a sense of urgency in their voices.  Like they were just saying their lines and getting it over with.  And that, to me, had a domino effect on other parts of the movie.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t know how anyone could miss a giant tsunami coming their way.  Especially when you’re standing right in front of it and facing it.

I honestly didn’t think I would have ever seen great performers like Halle & Patrick and even Michael Pena, in such a poorly put-together film.  And that’s the fault of the director, Roland Emmerich.  A movie that should have been so much better turned out to be a whole other level of Not Good.