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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

After what seemed like forever, our favorite crime-fighting wallcrawler is back and he brought the master of the mystic arts with him.  And that means it’s gonna be one busy and exciting weekend of movie-watching.

Let start by saying, No Way Home, for me, lived up to what I was hoping for.  And they didn’t waste much time gettin to the gettin, which was great cause they have a lot to cover with only a couple of hours to do it in.  But, within that space of time, you go on this roller coaster of emotions that’ll make you cheer as well as shed a tear.   I really liked the odd combo of the young and kinda immature Peter Parker working with the older & more seasoned Dr. Strange.  It sounded weird originally, but after seeing it, the yin and yang pairing worked well with the story they were telling.

Now the only downside, for me, was I think they had too many characters.  Although it was great to see these characters all in one movie, I felt like they were underused.  Even though their time on screen was limited, their presents in the film was necessary for the story.  But also felt like it was just some fan service.

On the bright side for movie theaters, this is probably going to be the 1st 100 million dollar movie the box office has seen since the start of the pandemic.  And it should… it’s that good.  Even though the MCU has had other films this year, none, at this point, will compare to the love fans have for their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.