Your Quick & Simple Review: “On The Rocks”

The 3rd time wasn’t the charm for director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray.  Their new movie, an Apple Original & A24 film, On The Rocks, that also stars one of my favorites, Rashida Jones, didn’t create that needed emotional connection to the story and left me asking, what was the point?

I get that a lot of couples go through issues at some point.  I’ve been there myself.  But the journey we go on as we watch Laura (Jones) try to find out if her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans), is cheating on her wasn’t intriguing at all.  Even with her partner in crime, her dad, Felix (Murray), nothing could raise the level of excitement.

As I was watching, thinking of all the areas this could go, and possibly make it much more interesting, it never went there.  I think Coppola’s attempt to create a comedic adventure fell flat. Completely wasting the 3 great comedic actors she had at her disposal.

So in case you couldn’t tell, On The Rocks, didn’t work for me.  However, I always say you may think differently.  If you wanna check it out to see if your opinion is different than mine, you can this weekend.  It’s playing at the Harkins Camelview At Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale ane will be available on Apple TV+ starting Friday, October 23rd