Your Quick & Simple Review: “Welcome To The Blumhouse”

This week, the horror focused film company, Blumhouse Productions, released the first two of four films on Prime Video.  The Lie & Black Box.  Next week there will be another two, Evil Eye & Nocturne.  If you’re like me though and really like a good horror flick, these first two films might not be what you’re looking for.


This is one film you will need to be patient with.  Personally, I like things to happen quickly or at least give me some big moments here and there.  That’s not what happened here.  It’s very slow, but at the same time, it does go somewhere.   Its small cast, led by Peter Sarsgaard, Joey King & Mireille Enos, is good.  If it weren’t for them you would probably want to give up on this one soon after it starts.  As I said, be patient.  The realization that The Lie isn’t an actual horror flick, more of a mystery, can be pretty depressing, however, the ending did actually have me a lil stunned.  Unfortunately, unlike when we learned that Bruce Wilis was dead the whole time, this ending most likely won’t get you to watch it again.  More of one that you’ll wonder what to watch next.



Just like The Lie, this one isn’t a horror film either.  More of a psychological thriller.   Except for Phylicia Rashad, we have an unknown cast, or at least unknown to me.  Also, like The Lie, this one takes time to develop.  The big difference between them is Black Box creates intrigue as the story goes.  Mamoudou Athie, who’s been in a handful of films, that most probably haven’t seen, does a nice job taking us on the crazy journey his character goes through.  And when there was a revelation of discovery for the character, I found myself saying… Ohhhhh, interesting…. Even though there have been films in the past couple of years that Black Box is similar too, it was still enjoyable, and waiting to see how it plays out.