Your Quick & Simple Review: “IT Chapter Two”

Finally, the movie many have been waiting for is in theaters.  I’m actually one of those peeps who’s been waiting on pins and needles to see it.  And although I liked it, I just didn’t love it the way I was hoping… Here’s why.

The one thing that gets me about most horror flicks is when we see our evil villain way too much.   Just like the first one, they did the exact same thing here.  When you do that, the character loses its fear factor… I hate when that happens.  Then the film was unnecessarily long.  There was consistently scenes where there was a lot of dialogue that they could have just bypassed.  Some of it was important but most of it I could have done without.

If it weren’t some of the good jump scares and crazy situations we found our awesome cast in, this would have been a big bust of a film.  Speaking of the cast, even though James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain & Bill Skarsgard were the three main stars, it was Bill Hader as Eddie that, for me, stole the show.

As far as the fan base that’s been waiting for Chapter Two, I think they’ll be satisfied with Andrés Muschietti’s film.  Just probably not gonna be in a big rush to see it more than once.