Your Quick & Simple Review: “Hustlers”

This was one of those films I wasn’t expecting too much from.  Thinking they were just trying to see JLo on a stripper pole and the guys would be running to the box office with a handful of ones to pay for their tickets.  But it was actually a much better film than that, and the real shinning star was Constance Wu.

With Jennifer being the bigger of the two stars, I get how she can get top billing, but make no mistake, she is more of a supporting role in this one and really good at it.  Constance, who killed in Crazy Rich Asians, is proving that that wasn’t a fluke.  Although Hustler’s, for me, is a good movie, it’s not a great one, but it’s the performance of both stars that make it worth watching.

I think the only thing that I was kinda disappointed by was that Cardi B wasn’t in it as much as I thought she would be.  And believe it or not, she was really good and funny.  Not to mention that the other two women that they featured… Kiki Palmer & Lili Reinhart didn’t have as much impact one might think.  Especially since they’re featured on all the publicity posters.   The only other pleasant surprise, besides Cardi, was Julia Stiles.  Her role didn’t have a huge impact on much but it was nice to see her back on the big screen.

Personally, I think Hustler’s will end up being one of those films you’ll enjoy once you see it, but most likely not rush to see it again.