Your Quick & Simple Review: “Official Secrets”

It’s been and interesting year when it comes to these “based on a true story” movies.  So far most of them have been pretty good.  Then there are a small few that didn’t do much to make me ever want to see it again.  Unfortunately, Official Secrets, is one of those.

Let’s start with what is positive about this film.  That would be the performance of Keira Knightley.   Recreating the determination of this character was probably harder than she made it look.   However, not all strong performances can save a slow story.  But it maybe the one thing that makes watching this on worth it.

The downside, like I just said, to me, it was slow.  Because of that I never felt anxious about what was going to happen to our main character, Katherine Gun (Knightley).  I did keep wondering about how long this back and forth, will she or won’t she go to jail, thing was gonna keep going on.   Maybe it was because I didn’t see her actions, as a whistle blower, to be that severe.   Or maybe because it was a story from across the pond, as an American, didn’t intrigue me very much.

Official Secrets is playing exclusively this weekend  at the Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square