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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Abominable”

Normally I tend to avoid animated features, just because I know they’re really not made for me.  But once in a while, there’s one that is actually endearing to me, making me glad I took the time to check it out… Abominable, just happens to be one of those films.

This was a fun adventure that had enough maturity to it that I think adults will appreciate as well as some oddball humor that will keep the kiddos giggling too.  Plus its got a giant yeti, named Everest, who’s actually a kid in the yeti world, that has magical powers.  And with those powers takes his rescuers on a scary but fun journey.

As far as our main cast goes, I’m a big Chloe Bennet fan.  Voicing the main character, Yi, you could actually see some of Chole’s real personality come thru.  However, I do think that they could have gone with more of that personality to add a little more charm to the character.   I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Like a lot of these animated movies, there are things you see early on that come into play later.  Personally, I like when they get creative like that, but it’s also a safe formula that I’m sure they knew would work and just went with it.  Throw in some bright color schemes and over the top visuals, and you got a flick worth checking out.