Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things”

Another movie about being stuck in a time loop.  Hard to believe that over the past few years there have been more of a few films using the same premise.  Fortunately, most of them, have been able to create entertaining content.  The latest film, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, for me, happens to be much better than the others and it didn’t contain the stupid humor that usually goes along with young adult movies.

Our leads, Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen, carry this one with two solid performances.  Each of them is charming and funny as well as mature.  Even though there are small goofy moments, it’s for the cute moments that happen between them as we watch their relationship develop.

The one thing I had a minor disappointment with, was when we got to the “bump in the road” of their relationship.  I think I had a problem with it because I was able to figure it out pretty early on.  That took away from the emotional reaction I should have had when it was revealed.  However, I was able to rebound, thanks to how it concluded.

Young Adult movies can be very hit and miss.  It can be even tougher when it uses a recycled narrative.  Fortunately, this is one that gives us something different enough to keep you smiling and enjoying a good laugh throughout, making for an enjoyable movie-watching experience.

Watch it, starting this weekend, on Amazon Prime Video.