Your Quick & Simple Review: “Toy Story 4”

Hard to believe it’s been nine years since the last Toy Story film.  Makes you wonder why they even bothered coming up with a new story.  Maybe they just wanted that money grab, or maybe they really did have another great adventure for Woody, Buzz and their toy pals… They had another great adventure.

Although most of the “toys” from the previous films aren’t featured too much, it’s nice that they don’t discard them as they bring in new ones.  And it’s those new ones that, I think, really make the new stories better than the last one.

Woody, Buzz, the return of Bo Peep is all fine and dandy.  You know what you’re getting with those characters.  But this time around, the new characters really pack a punch of fun.  Forky, voiced by Tom Hale.  Combat Carl, voiced by Carl Weathers.  However, the scene stealer is Keanu Reeves, Duke Caboom.  He’s not in the film too much, but when he is, it was great.

Now as far as the story goes.  Not sure how it is that so many other films that try to get you emotionally involved, fail.  But Toy Story seems to do it with such ease.  Maybe it’s because we’ve followed the characters for so long, and have actually become attached to them or the story really is that good… The story really is that good and I’m sure all fans will most definitely love it.

This turned out to be a really fun film.  That all fans will most definitely love.

Hopefully, if they decide to make a #5, they won’t wait another nine years.