Your Quick & Simple Review: “Skin”


Well my favorite movie studio, A24, has once again, given us another film that will have you talking about it long after it’s ended.  This time it’s “Skin”, starring Jaime Bell as Bryon Widner and Danielle MacDonald as Julie Price.  What helps make this film so amazing is that it’s based on a true story.

Jaime, who’s been doing some really good work lately, delivers what is probably his best performance.  Watching him play this role of a young man, not happy with where he is in life, who meets a woman that became the purpose for his change… that’s a lot of emotion to go through and Bell did it very well.   As for Danielle MacDonald, I haven’t seen any work of her’s that wasn’t up to par.  Here playing a young mother and herself having left that same world behind, while being one of the few people who believes the man she loves will be able to leave his past behind.

At times this one is hard to watch, mostly cause it kinda makes you mad.  However, if the story is able to evoke that kinda emotion from it’s viewers then I think director Guy Nattiv did a hell of a job.

To see it this weekend, it’s playing exclusively at the AMC Arizona Center