Your Quick & Simple Review: “Half Brothers”

Two brothers who have never met, or even knew the other was alive, go on a journey that was set up by their late father.  One a strong-minded businessman from Mexico, Renato, and the other, Asher, a free-spirited guy with nothing goin for him from America.  Sounded like an interesting concept for a movie but the more I watched it, it started to remind me of two other comedies I’ve seen before… “I Love You, Man” & “Get Him To The Greek”.  The only difference between Half Brothers and those two films… The other two were funny.

Although I thought Luis Gerardo Mendez was ok as Renato, it was Connor Del Rio as Asher that left me highly disappointed.  His efforts to be the obnoxious brother didn’t go well.  It always seemed like they were trying too hard to create a laugh with him.  And it never happened.

The only thing that made this half enjoyable was the sentimental part of the story.  Even though it didn’t tug too hard on the heartstrings, it served its purpose to keep you watching.

I think this one could have been so much better, just like “I Love You, Man” & “Get Him To The Greek” but should have utilized its lead better.