Chemical Hearts

Your Quick & Simple Review: “Chemical Hearts”

If high school wasn’t hard enough, it’s can be even worse when it involves life and death.  Which is pretty much what we have in Chemical Hearts.  Even though this is a happy/sad type of movie, the best part of it all is how our two leads, Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams, take us on this journey with them.

Now each of them have their own issues, Henry Page (Austin) is the guy who’s shy and never had any luck with girls.  And now that it’s senior year, he’s wondering what did he do with his time.  Where was the excitement for him like it was for everyone else?  Then there’s Grace Town (Lili), who’s new to the school, but has a past that was fun and promising, but is now anything but that.

Then they meet.

The on-screen chemistry between the two is good.  So as you watch their relationship develop, you believe it.  Both trying to find hope alone and with each other… and you really want them too.  But in the end, the direction they go still leaves you with that same hope even if you’re a little sad that the out come doesn’t end like your typical teenage film.

Still, it’s a nice emotional story that will tug on the heart strings a little bit.

Chemical Hearts is available starting August 21st on Amazon Prime