Your Quick & Simple Review: “No Time To Die”

After being delayed more than a year, the time has come for the 5th and final appearance of Daniel Craig’s, 007, James Bond, in No Time To Die.  It’s the kind of finale that you almost never see with such an iconic movie character.  But since Craig also served as one of the producers, I think he had an idea of how he wanted to leave the franchise, and I was pleasantly surprised with what they did.

So a few of the good things I liked about this one… first, it really starts off with a BANG.  I love when movies don’t waste time gettin to the gettin.  And we got some pretty good gettin through the whole film.  Next, I liked the old-school Bond feeling in certain shots.  Like when they entered Safin’s lair or even when we first see Safin wearing that mask that exposes just a small portion of his face.  For some reason, I liked the evil scientist guy, Waldo.  He added some nice comic relief.

As for the things that left me a lil disappointed.  I was really hoping for more of Ana de Armas character. Paloma.  I thought she was gonna be a bigger part of the story, but that was not to be.  However, her time on screen was pretty kick-ass.  The same could be said for Rami Malek.  His Safin character didn’t have much screen time.  Like de Armas, I thought he would be a bigger part of the story.

As for the story itself, I think it ran a little long.  A few scenes, I thought, weren’t completely necessary,  and had they not been there we could have been done a tad bit sooner.  I know some people have mixed feelings about the two big surprises in the film, but I thought they were a nice touch.

So now the time has come to say… Peace Out… to Mr. Craig.  In his 15 years, I think his Bond is only second to that of Sean Connery.  And fans will most definitely dig his farewell film, cause just like how the movie starts with a bang, so does it’s end.