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Summer of A Million Meals

As the temperatures soar and the summer heat intensifies, it marks the arrival of the highly anticipated Summer of a Million Meals. This year, Hot 97.5 & 103.9 is proudly partnering with 12 News to champion the cause.

Our focus is clear: the children. Every summer, families across Arizona grapple with food insecurity, uncertain about where their next meal will come from. But together, with your support, we can make a difference. Join us, alongside 12News and the United Food Bank, in our mission to combat food insecurity.

Throughout the summer, you’ll find our dedicated street team raising awareness and rallying support to end hunger in Arizona. Together, until Labor Day, we’re committed to alleviating hunger in our communities.

Lets unite and stock the shelves at the United Food Bank. Giving is simple. Visit AZMILLIONMEALS.ORG for more information.



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