Lu Valentino

Lu Valentino


How long have you lived in the Valley?  This time?  J  Just returned recently from working radio in Denver.  I’m originally from Northern New Jersey and lived in LA, but my favorite place is here, I’ve been in and out of Phoenix since 1998!

What do you like about living here?  To literally see it grow into this sexy metropolitan city!  ‘Cause that’s what I’m used to.

What do you do outside of radio…you must have a real life!  My “brain-love” as a comedy writer and digital media director for 11 years.  My “heart-love”, as a special advocate for the Child Abuse Task Force and a CASA (GAL).

Since radio is in your blood, who is your favorite artist(s)?  My all time favorite artist is P!nk and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!  Both artists can burp for 3:35 seconds and I’d still listen to them!

How do you spend your free time?  My favorite ways are swimming, yoga, cooking, riding my mountain bike on rugged Valley trails, watching baseball and being near to my longtime Valley friends and extended family.  But I really spend most of my free time loving on my two adopted Yorkies, LuVee and Cherish.  Oh yeah, and making strangers laugh.

Other favorites.  Favorite actor:  Tom Hanks, because he’s THAT good!  Hollywood crush:  Charlie Hunnam, because…well, he’s beautiful eye candy!

Unknow tidbit about Lu.  She’s an accomplished former gymnast and dance choreographer.