Dave Cruiser

Dave Cruiser

So, who’s this Dave Cruiser guy?

How long have  you been in the Valley?  35 years, born and raised!

What do you love about living in the Valley?  Let me count the reasons:

  1. Ok, it’s brown, I know…but the desert is beautiful
  2. My 4 favorite sports teams…Coyotes, Suns, Cardinals, and D-Backs
  3. You can’t shovel sunshine
  4. Arizona is a major tour stop for great bands!


Why do you love working at the Oasis?  To escape!!  Things get hectic and sideways in life sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to help someone feel a slice of calmness and happiness throughout their day. Or a better way to say it is, “to share a lite & refreshing experience” with them.


What do you do outside of the Oasis?  Outside of my love of radio, my favorite things include my two dogs, Nash & Rosie; cooking (mostly because I like to eat!); riding bikes when the weather permits, like when it’s not 120 degrees!

Since you’re a radio guy, who’s your all-time favorite artist?  It’s got to be Elton John.  All of his songs evoke an emotional reaction, and they’re fun to sing along to in the car at the top of my lungs…when I’m alone…cause no one wants to hear me sing…

What do you do outside of radio?  My favorite way to spend my free time is to enjoy a whiskey, watch a game, see a show.  As long as it’s with people I love, I’m good.