Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Broken Hearts Gallery”

Many times I’ve said a good Rom-Com is hard to come by.  The Broken Hearts Gallery tries a little too hard to be one.  Although I liked the story idea, it just never got me to care if the two main characters, Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) & Nick (Dacre Montgomery), got together.  And I kinda think that’s what you want in a good Rom-Com.

Although the film had its good moments, usually when the scene involved Lucy and her two best friends, it didn’t have enough to make this movie better than it is.

Maybe this one was lost on me because I’m not one who does what Lucy does… collect souvenirs from the people she’s dated.  The only things I kept, like movie tickets or notes, was because it was easier to throw it in a drawer then walk it to the trash.    Or it could be that this is more of a “girls night out’ film and not a date night flick.

Still, a decent movie that you could have a good time with, as we slowly but surely return to theaters.