Your Quick & Simple Review: “Wrath Of Man”

It’s not often that I like a movie directed by Guy Ritchie.  Except for the live-action Disney film, Aladdin, I’ve pretty much didn’t care for any of them.  However, we can now add Wrath Of Man to the list of likes.  Not that it was great, but it was good.  And I will give credit where credit is due.

Starring Jason Statham, this story goes well with Ritchies style of making movies.  And it includes some pretty good characters.  But I did notice that the fighting sequences we usually get from Statham were not as long and didn’t include very much of his martial arts.  That’s what’s usually great about most of his movies.   But, it did include some downright ruthless criminals that waste no time pulling the trigger.  And, I liked that there was kind of a twist to Stathams character that he too was just as quick to let shots fly.

The only thing that kinda bothered me, was how non-emotional Stathman’s character is throughout the film.  Very straight-faced with no personality.  But that’s just the way the character is, I guess.

Wrath of Man, has a great cast, telling a pretty decent story, with some great action.  Especially in the final act.  Now it may be one I don’t rush to watch again on my own but if someone says they want me to go watch it with them, I’d be ok with it.