Your Quick & Simple Review: “Words On Bathroom Walls”

It’s not often that you get a young adult film that has real substance.  The last one I can recall was 2018’s “Love, Simon”.  Words On Bathroom Walls is another one of those films as it takes on the issue of Mental Illness.  It’s hard enough being a teen but when you’re also dealing with an issue like this and meet the girl who changes everything for you.  That’s a lot for anyone.

First off, this is a great young cast.  Led by Charlie Plummer as Adam and Taylor Russell as Maya.  They tell this story so well.  It reminded of the John Hughes classic, The Breakfast Club.   Never taking lightly what is happening to Adam.  Although from time to time there are moments that will bring a smile or even a nice little laugh, it never looses sight of Adam’s struggles but still finds away to remain hopeful, thanks to Maya.

The supporting cast is pretty amazing too.  Andy Garcia, as a Father Patrick, ends up being the compassionate, soft voice that Adam has for support when he needs it.  Molly Parker, as Beth (Adams mom), staying hopeful that one day she’ll get her son back to the way he was, but still showing him the love he needs even though his treatments don’t seem to be helping.

I think the only thing I didn’t care too much for, even though I understand why they were there, was how they portrayed the “voices” in his head.  That’s the only thing I feel that took away from the seriousness of the film and made it just a bit corny.

Words On Bathroom Walls, like Love, Simon, is going to be one of those films that you won’t know you like until you see it.  And you can do that this weekend as it’s opening in select valley theaters this weekend.