Your Quick & Simple Review: “Wonder Woman 1984”

In a year where we really need some good entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, thankfully, sends in their big gun…  Wonder Woman 1984.   Already having been delayed for over a year,  and not just because of Covid-19, fans can be happy to cheer for one of comics most popular hero’s again.   And just like 2017’s, Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins, tells a great story of not just a super hero trying to save the world, but also that of a woman in love.

First off, I really liked the re-created look of the 1980’s.  It wasn’t over the top with hair bears everywhere or guys dressed like they were part of the cast of Miami Vice.  Just simple things that you might really notice if you lived through that decade.  Including how nice and bright everything was.   Plus I also appreciated how it was really a stand alone film.  Meaning, except for Steve Trevor, it wasn’t a continuation of the first movie.  It was a new chapter in Diana’s life that with small references, through pictures, as to where she’s been and what she’s been doing this whole time.

What I thought was fun was how director Patty Jenkins, reversed the roles a bit of Diana and Steve.  In the first film, Diana, after leaving Themyscira, seemed out of place in the new world she was seeing for the first time.  In this new film, it’s Steve who was now out of place and giving us the fun laugh as we watched him discover the world he helped to save many years ago.

My favorite though had to be Kristen Wiig.  I’ve always been a big fan of hers, and her ability to play characters with different personalities is second to none.  In WW84, she starts off as a clumsy, but outgoing, nervous woman who want’s something more out of life.  Something as simple as a friend.  But that all changes and changes in a BIG way.  And with Kristen, the characteristic changes Barbara has, emotionally and physically, is pretty believable.

The only things I really didn’t care too much for was, one, the two villains.  Granted Pedro’s Maxwell Lord was  interesting and entertaining, I would have preferred one or the other.  Having Wonder Woman divide her time battling two people, I think, hurt the villains more since you didn’t have time to tell more story about them while you’re also trying to see what’s happening with Diana and Steve.   Second, I would have like a little more action.   Might just be a matter of preference, but as much as I liked getting to see Diana rekindle her romance with Steve Trevor, I would have like to see a few more fights with Cheetah or even just extending what we saw.

For the most part, as a DC Comics fan, I was pleased with WW84.  Not only did it get me to laugh a little bit, I even got teary eyed a little bit too.  And now I’ll be waiting anxiously to see what Diana’s next adventure has in store.