Your Quick & Simple Review: “Thor: Love and Thunder”

The movie that is bound to be the Action/Comedy of the Summer, is finally arriving in theaters.   “Thor: Love and Thunder” reunites some of the great cast members from MCU past while adding some impressive new big names for another classic Thor adventure.

First, let’s start off with the new cast members.  Christian Bale as Gorr The God Butcher, is so good.  And I loved how the director, Taika Waititi, was able to tell this new character’s backstory in a matter of minutes at the beginning of the film.  Russell Crowe is the other shining star.  You don’t see Russell play roles like this very often, or even at all.  However, his comedic take on the King of the Gods, Zeus, was hilarious.

Now the downside to this one, unfortunately, is how the story was told.  In the last film, “Thor: Ragnorok”, had a nice balance of drama, action, and comedy.   As much as I love stupid humor, I think Love and Thunder had waaaaay too much of it.  Especially at times when they focused on Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster storyline.  A couple of times, I was a lil taken back by them trying to make parts of it humorous when it really shouldn’t have been.  I was also a bit disappointed with the balance of the film.  In Ragnorok, there was just enough drama… just enough action… and just enough comedy… that worked.  I didn’t see that here.

Still, fans will have a good time watching Chris, Tessa & Natalie on the big screen again.  Too bad they had to leave a whole lot of what was shot on the cutting room floor.   I would have liked to see how much more this adventure could have been.  But, because it’s all part of the MCU, we know this isn’t the end, yet… Thor Will Return.