Your Quick & Simple Review: The Wretched

When you’re quarantined, it’s easy to quickly go through all the streaming services you subscribe to and binge watch everything that interests you.  On the plus side of things, there’s always new things to watch almost on a weekly basis.  And thanks to some of the smaller movie studios, we’re even getting feature films released.  With more than just streaming service options to watch them.  This weekend a brand new horror flick, The Wretched is not only coming to Video On Demand but, here in Phoenix, it’s also showing at the one and only drive-in left in the Valley… The Westwind Drive-In Glendale.

Now being a fan of the horror flick genre, I was so excited to have an opportunity to see this.  And I’m pretty sure other movie fans will be excited about the opportunity to do some social distancing movie watching too.  Safely tucked away at home or by staying quarantined in their car.

Even though the cast is basically unknown, they all give pretty solid performances.  I think writer/directors, Brett & Drew Pierce’s  creation is fun, with an 80’s sinister feel to it.  And early on in the film, they start that building your anticipation for what’s to come.  Those quick glimpses of the evil entity were pretty intense.  And except for a slower paced middle part of the film, when you get to the final act, the pay off made it worth the short wait.

If there is a downside, and this is probably just a matter or taste, I would have loved a more jump scare moments… and maybe some blood too.  However, not complaining with what I got.  I just like more.

The Wretched, is definitely a much welcomed surprise.  Especially in a time when we’re looking for more ways to be entertained.