Your Quick & Simple Review: Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (No Spoilers)

So 42 years after it began, this is, apparently, it.  Or is it?

The Rise of Skywalker had a lot of questions to answer.  And as a fan of the series since the first film, A New Hope, came out in 1977, I wanted to see just how they answered those questions.  And I gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Just like every movie, The Rise Of Skywalker had its fair share of surprises.  One or two that had me mouthing… WTF???  & No Waaaaay… as well as WoW!!!  Basically, fans are gonna be on a great emotional roller coaster ride.

Now, one thing besides the story that I really liked and it was very easy to notice, was the new visual effects they gave us.  There are some standard efx that we see in every movie, but this one added some new and much-appreciated visual looks to the action sequences in space.  But since J.J. Abrams was leading this film, it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise either.

There was one thing, however, that happened in the movie and I don’t recall them ever coming back around to it… unless I fell asleep and totally missed it, but that’s the only thing at this point I can say disappointed me.  I guess I’ll have to see it again just to make sure.

I think this is gonna make almost all fans happy.  Of course, there will be those who don’t like the way it ended but to each their own.  As for me, I keep thinking about that one line… No One’s Ever Really Gone… and what that means for any more films that may come out in the near future… Just gonna have to wait and see.