Your Quick & Simple Review: “Spiral: From The Book Of Saw”

Although I do like horror flicks, I’m more of a paranormal fan than I am a slasher one.  However, I was intrigued to see what this new version was about.  Even though I had only seen a couple of the original films, I still understand what they’re about and more importantly, I know what the fans love about them.

Right off the bat, we get exactly what we expect.  Within minutes, the first trap is set and our victim is in a no-win situation.  But I think that gave us a false hope for a blood bath all the way through.  Because except for a few jump scares here and there, we only got a few bloody body parts and flash drives that show clues to what the killer is up to and who they might be.  Also, if you pay close attention, they have dead giveaways to who this new killer is.  Then you’re forced to sit around and wait to make sure you’re right.  So they probably could have done a little better with the story.

Besides all that, I still think Spiral was pretty decent.  Chris Rock was much better in it than I thought he would be.  Keeping his dialog to a more serious nature, rather than all the wisecracks we’re used to hearing coming out of his mouth.  And during the anticipated torture scenes, I cannot lie, I did end up doing a half-face squint more than once.  So I do think Saw fans will dig this new entry into the Saw franchise, maybe not love it, but will enjoy it.  They can even be hopeful that they’ll get another one out of it since it was left wide-open for a continuation.