midsommar wallpaper

Your Quick & Simple Review: “Midsommar”

It’s not often that I see a movie that gets me to hide my eyes, but for the 2nd time, director Ari Aster, did exactly that… And I like that.

Horror/Psychological Thrillers are usually a tough sell, especially when they can be considered a bit of an art film… I can’t stand art films.   But when the story is way over the top with “wtf” moments and the story is actually engaging enough to keep you focused on every moment, then you’ve got me hooked.  Also, unlike a lot of horror flicks that take place in darker settings, this one creates a hide your eyes atmosphere while the sun is shining.  Not only did I belt out an “oh shhhht” a couple of times, after being stunned with what I just saw, my eyelids closed anticipating more of the craziness.  Not even straight up horror films have done that.

Turning to the cast, I like our leads Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor.  Pugh, who has had some great performances in her last couple of films (Fighting With My Family & Outlaw King) does an excellent job taking us through this story.  The same can be said for Jack.  I’ve liked most of his work since I noticed him in 2016’s Sing Street.

Now I don’t think this is gonna be a movie for everyone.  Just like Aster’s previous film, Hereditary, there’s something different and exciting about what we’re watching.  And it will have you talking about it after.  Just be prepared for something different from what you’ve seen before, and maybe just bring a hat to shade your eyes here and there.