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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Lisey’s Story”

Coming to Apple TV+ this weekend is the new limited series “Lisey’s Story”.  Based on the novel by Stephen King.  With an awesome cast, led by Academy Award Winner Julianne Moore & Clive Owen,  Lisey (Moore) is trying to solve the mystery of her now-deceased husband, Scott (Owen), after a stranger, Dane DeHaan, comes to town and creates havoc everywhere she goes.

The best thing about this series is definitely its cast.  From Julianne Moore & Clive Owen to its supporting players like Joan Allen & Jennifer Jason Leigh.  I actually wish Jennifer was in it more.  But, for me, the real stand-out was Dane DeHaan as Jim Dooley.  That guy can play crazy so well.  And in this show does it with such intensity, I was constantly waiting for big moments every time he appeared on the screen.

Now, the bad side to all the great performances is the story.  No matter how great each person was in their role, the story was not on the same level.  Personally, I found it to be very slow.  I kinda knew that I was gonna need to get to at least the third episode before things picked up, and it did, but I struggled just getting to that point. At about 50 minutes per episode, it took a long time to get thru.  Especially when many scenes were really long and only led to another scene that was just a long and didn’t really add anything interesting.

Although Lisey’s Story did have a few moments where it was pretty good, the lack of mystery & suspense didn’t make it the show I was hoping it would be.  Even the names of King & Abrams attached to the credits weren’t going to be able to make this one watchable for a second time.