Your Quick & Simple Review: “Irresistible”

This weekend, writer/director, Jon Stewart, is giving us a look at his latest project, the new movie, Irresistible.  With a pretty awesome cast, Stewart takes us on a simple journey through the world of politics.  Something he knows all too well, especially after being the host of The Daily Show for 16 years.  But this is a different kinda look, as it’s coming by way of small-town America.

Starting with his awesome cast, Steve Carell, Rose Byrne & Chris Cooper, these are three artists that can deliver.  However, this simple story, to me, didn’t have anything where they really had a chance to shine.  I kept thinking that Stewart needed to pick a lane… either make it a real comedy or a drama.  The light comedy didn’t satisfy the way I hoped it would.

What I thought was very interesting, is that the story strayed away, almost immediately, from where I thought it was going in Cooper’s opening monologue.  He was talking about immigration, or at least that’s the way they made it sound, but next thing you know, you never hear about it again.   Then they make a big left-hand turn and make it all about money.  Which is really what politics are all about.  Taking us into the final act where it makes another big turn, to reveal the big twist of the movie.  I think I would have been more entertained had they had the candidates dealing with some sort of issues throughout the film.

Even though Irresistible isn’t a bad movie, it’s also one I won’t rush out to watch again.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rush out to watch it either.  That’s because it will be available through Video On Demand, starting this weekend.