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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Elvis”

“I’m gonna be forty soon, and nobody’s gonna remember me.”   That line couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley.  And thanks to director Baz Luhrmann, Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, and the young rising star, Austin Butler, a new generation will discover why his name and his music will continue to live on.

I think Baz did what he does best here.  Taking something old, and adding something new to it.  From the way, he made that movie feel more like a music video with the quick editing in the beginning.  Also adding some current hip hop to give it a TODAY feeling, while surrounding it with the Elvis classics.

Austin Butler, whom I’ve never heard of before, is absolutely amazing as the King.  And just like the King, I’m sure there’s gonna be a whole lotta ladies rushing to see him do a few pelvis thrusts.

One thing I had a hard time with was how quick the pacing of the movie is.  I think it works for a younger audience, like how they do in music videos, but doing that means they blew right by some very big moments that should have had strong emotional impacts on the viewer.  It wasn’t until the movie was closer to the end that things finally slowed down and you got a chance to feel something about what was happening to Elvis.

Still, a very enjoyable film, highlighted by Austin’s performance and Tom Hanks odd-looking neck make-up.  LoL… But I believe Baz Luhrmann’s film, just like his others, will end up being a favorite of those who take the time to see it.  Meaning, that it will be a long time before the King is forgotten.