Your Quick & Simple Review: “Dark Phoenix”

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  But I guess we could be asking ourselves, was the X-Men movies a good thing???

Not being the biggest X-Men fan, and not because of the movies, I found that all but one of the films really had me wanting to see it again… Days Of Future Past.  Bryan Singer, who directed that film and three other X-Men films, did a nice job with his parts, but I was excited to see how first time director, Simon Kinberg, would wrap up the series.

For the most part, I liked the film.  It did take a minute for me to warm up to lead, Sophie Turner.  But as the movie went on, I appreciated her performance.   Maybe would have liked it more and sooner if they actually showed her character a bit more.   The action seemed, to me, to be a little more aggressive and violent too.  “Logan” violent but just without all the blood… but they probably could have used some of that too.  It’s the final film after all,  might as well go big or go home.  LoL

I also liked some of the surprise outcomes we got with some characters.  But questioned why they ended it with what seemed to be an open ending.   As if they had plans for another film.   Disney already stated that this was it for this version of the X-Men, now that Marvel will be taking over any future production of the films.

However, like I said, I liked Dark Phoenix… Didn’t love it, but liked it more than the other films.  And I think for the most part fans of the series will appreciate it too… Hopefully, like the Dark Phoenix character, it won’t take Disney long to bring these hero’s back to life.