Your Quick & Simple Review: “Blacklight”

So a friend from long ago just happens to be a producer on this new Liam Neeson film.  I even saw a post he wrote on Facebook, saying how amazing Blacklight is.  Of course, I wanted to believe him, but after viewing the trailer, I pretty much knew that wasn’t going to be the case.  And I was right.

For some reason, Liam keeps playing the same kinda role in every single movie he’s in.  What makes that bad, is the fact that he just can’t pull it off anymore.  So when they label his films Action Thrillers, it’s very misleading.  Especially in Blacklight.  Because there is very little action and not thrilling at all.  I know they’re trying to create some sort of excitement to make it come off as both of those descriptions, but no amount of quick editing and dramatic musical score will add enough to make it so.

If there is any bright spot to Blacklight, it has to be Emmy Raver-Lampman.  She has a nice performance, that probably would have benefited by being in a much better film.  Hopefully, she’ll get another chance, in another film, so we can see what she can really do.

It’s not often I will actually say a movie is not worth the view, but Blacklight is the same kinda Liam Neeson movie that we’ve got so many times already.  And all those times, almost no one went to see them.  So, it’s safe to say, you can pass on this one too.