Your Quick & Simple Review: “Black Widow”


After appearing in eight previous Marvel movies, the time has finally arrived for Scarlett Johansson’s ninth and final film, Black Widow, to make its way to theaters.   Even though we knew during End Game that she (Natasha) wouldn’t be showing up in any new movies, the fact that Marvel/Disney decided to make this one, shows how much the character and Scarlett deserved a farewell performance.

Now in my personal opinion, when it comes to the hand-to-hand combat scenes, in any of the MCU movies, it was Black Widow that had the absolute best ones.  The sequences were fast, and they were brutal.  And that’s exactly what we get here.  And even though this is Scarlett’s send-off, we see that the “torch” being passed to Florence Pugh, should be in good hands.  That was another great thing we see here, the great chemistry between Scarlett and Florences makes you believe these two characters are sisters.

As far as the actual story, since Black Widow takes place between Civil War and Infinity War, I was ok with where it picks up and where it ends.  It basically answers questions about where she was during those years on the run.  At least the beginning of it anyways.  It also fills us in on the infamous Red Room, that we’ve heard about.

For the dislikes, there are only two things.  One, Black Widow doesn’t have any superpowers, only some very ass-kicking high-tech gadgets.  So some of the situations she finds herself in, she shouldn’t have been able to pull off.  But, it’s just a movie, so the writers wrote that she can, so she did.  The other dislike isn’t anything really about the movie, just that I think this should have come out when it’s based in the MCU timeline.  Throwing it in after End Game kinda takes away from the characters’ timeline final appearance.

So after waiting an extra year to get to see this, I’m sure MCU fans will be pleased.  We get a lot for our buck… Action… Drama… Comedy… and like I mentioned already, a handoff to Florence Pugh.

I’m a lil disappointed to see Scarlett’s time in the MCU come to an end, but I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next Black Widow.