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Your Quick & Simple Review: “Beast”

Tell me you just told me how the movie ends, without telling me you just told me how the movie ends… is what I thought after the first few minutes of this new action/thriller, Beast, starring Idris Elba.  But, since that happens with a lot of movies, I let it slide.  Only to realize this film is almost completely predictable and still entertaining at the same time.

Now I think Idris is an absolutely great actor, who delivers in pretty much everything.  But I kinda felt like Beast was one of those, you make this movie for me and I’ll make this movie for you, deals.  Although it’s not a great story by any means, it does have some pretty good Jump-Scare moments throughout the film.  And for me, that’s what saves it.

Goin back to the story, it was pretty predictable.  And the more the film went on, the more I found myself shaking my head.  Adding to that, the not-great but not too bad CGI didn’t help either.  More than a few times, when it came to the Beast, I couldn’t get into it cause even though it looked ok, I couldn’t believe it was real.

But, I do think there is hope for Beast.  When my screening was over, I did notice that there was pretty good applause goin on from the crowd I watched it with.  Although I probably won’t watch it again anytime soon, I think there could be a pretty decent word-of-mouth campaign from other movie-goers getting the curiosity of others to check it out as well.