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Your Quick & Simple Review: “No Hard Feelings”

When it’s time for a break from all the summer blockbusters that are loaded with poor VFX and not very good stories, a good ol’ rom-com just might be what you need.  Fortunately, No Hard Feelings, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman, will be the movie you need as a nice break from those other ones that just didn’t hit the mark.

I honestly don’t recall a movie where Jennifer’s character seemed to be much like her real self.  In various interviews and appearances, I’ve seen her in, she’s almost always very quick-witted, with a raunchy sense of humor and just comes off as fun.  However, that’s pretty much how she is here.  So, unlike in a lot of rom-com’s, it didn’t feel like they were trying too hard to be funny.  It was Jennifer just being Jennifer.  I think that was also why the chemistry between her and Andrew worked so well.  And when that happens, it makes for a much more enjoyable movie-going experience.

As for Andrew, I’m not familiar with the only other film he’s been in, A Tourist’s Guide To Love, but even with his inexperience, he held his own as the college-bound introvert who’s never experienced anything.  Watching him was just as fun.

The downside to this film, for me, was I wish they would have held back some of the funnier moments from the trailer.  It still had some fun and funny moments, including an OMG beach scene with Jennifer, but I would have loved to see a couple of the trailer moments for the first time, with the full context, in the movie.

Since this is gonna be one of the few weekends this summer where it’s not overloaded with those supposedly big blockbuster films, No Hard Feelings is going to be a nice change of pace.  One that you might want to enjoy more than once.